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The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

4 Week Mastermind Raising the level of personal leadership effectiveness through an increased understanding of key leadership principles so each participant has an opportunity to experience greater self-leadership skills and influence with others. We will provide a 4-week group study and facilitated discussion on lessons from expert leadership teacher, consultant, and author, John C Maxwell.

This exploration of John’s work will touch on several laws to include

  • “The Law of Solid Ground”,- helping leaders to understand the power of trust,
  • “The Law of Addition” – establishing how leaders can add the most value,
  • “The Law of the Picture” - each leader will learn how the model of leadership we display sets the tone for our team.

Each participant will come to discover their leadership strengths and challenges. Upon completion of this mastermind, participants will have a general understanding of the leadership values and principles explored in this study and each will receive a certificate of completion.

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Living the Laws – Lead with Confidence- 2 Day Workshop

Raise the level of leadership effectiveness through an increased understanding of leadership principles, participants experience greater self-leadership skills and influence with others. We will provide a 2-day immersive workshop based on John C. Maxwell’s book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, that will teach participants the practical tools needed to address the leadership challenges encountered daily within their professions. At the conclusion of the training participants will understand the 4 leadership disciplines and behaviors, have assessed their leadership strengths and weaknesses, developed and practiced the behaviors required to effectively lead themselves and others, and identified ways to incorporate and apply the laws in their daily life.

They'll learn and practice:

  • Importance of being a guide
  • Importance of being a guide
  • Maximizing getting results
  • Become a leader maker

In addition, participants will have the knowledge and skills to effectively use the Maxwell Method of Leadership to cultivate daily leadership habits and each will be given a certificate of completion.

SBDC California

Custom Programs

Depending on needs, challenges and opportunities, we customize programs to expand beyond those listed above. Examples: Great Leaders build Solid Teams; Communicate to Connect, and others. Ask about how we can customize for you.

Presentation Skills

Learning to speak in front of an audience (whether it’s an audience of two, 30 or more) is an important communication skill. Participants who attend skill development with The Maxwell Method of Speaking gain clarity on how to organize thoughts to create a relevant presentation, and deliver the message with impact. Critical elements like overcoming the fear of public speaking, the value of story-telling, the power of pauses, critical body language factors, and much more, are taught. Individual coaching and private company group workshops and occasional public classes are available.

Leadership Games
Leadership Game

Leadership Games

The John Maxwell Team Leadership Game is a fun, yet challenging experience designed to help participants better understand one another by creating a safe environment conducive to learning and discovery.

In the special Communication Edition, participants will learn just how important communication is for effective leadership, productivity, and profitability. Facilitation includes game play (approximately 2 hours) and separate session for a prepared Executive Feedback Summary.

One to One Coaching

Offering personalized coaching to create change is ideal for team members who are struggling and deserves individual help. We evaluate their assessments and meet them where they are. Coaching begins with an orientation, a welcome packet so they’ll know and agree to mutual expectations, and continues bi-monthly for a minimum of three months. An honest conversation occurs in the first three months with a progress report completed by the coachee, their direct supervisor and the coach.  The decision on next steps occurs. Coaching is typically facilitated on the phone for one hour.

Mastermind Groups

What is a Mastermind Group? Designed for individuals who are committed to growing personally and professionally, value learning and collaborating with others. Mastermind Groups encourage sharing through interaction.

We offer public Mastermind Groups, where people from various industries journey through a particular book and apply those lessons to their current circumstances.

Companies also like to offer private Mastermind Groups, where their own employees gather for the purpose of personal and professional growth. Other benefits include people from different departments and functions become better acquainted and create synergy, or functional teams grow together by and identify commonalities.

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